June 3, 2008

First Assignment: Fail

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Our first week in Art 101 covers prehistoric art, including the famous Stonehenge. The textbook dedicates a god amount of time to Stonehenge, I provide extra links about the site, and of course, it is often discussed on the forums. Stonehenge is constructed of two different types of stone: the large henge most folks think of is made of Sarsen sandstone, and then a small ring of bluestone imported from a quarry in Wales. The main structure was constructed around 2000 BCE (2500-1500 BCE is more exact for covering all the stages.)

My old quizzes required a student to look at a picture, and identify the item by title, date, place of origin, materials it is made of, and artist (if known). Then they had to tell me why it was important. I have abandoned this format online for a multiple-choice open-book format, because I was getting answers like this: 

Stone Hedge, 20,000 BC, England, made of stones from blue whales. 


They still get the answers wrong, but at least I give them a fighting chance. 





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