June 24, 2008

Real student quotes.

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Ah, the wisdom of student writing. It is amazing what you can learn from students. Over my career, I have learned: 

Stonehenge was built of stones from blue whales. 

That there was a great deal of Hellenistic influence in Greece. 

“B ecause the art is the dunp thing in paintings, the big painters like Leonardo the winchy and other painter said a lot to the people by the paintings.” [No, this was not an ESL student.]

That art critics tend to criticize. They should learn not to be so negative. 

“When a leader stumbles his followers fall right on top of him.”


But what I really love about these kinds of quotes and paraphrases is that these are my students. I got to hunt them down and fix these problems. How many folks have such a golden opportunity to really change a student’s whole way of thinking and communicating? How many people can say they helped make someone a better paycheck down the road? 



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  1. Omar Modesto said,

    “The winchy”… yikes. Good luck with the problem-fixing.

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