July 7, 2008

Posting Without Thought: Part Two

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Wild Hare Student has posted again. It’s Egypt week, so we should be in for a treat. I take a deep breath, hold it for a second, then click. 

The post loads. 

My jaw drops.

Before me is one of my worst fears. I have, in my class, a true wacko. Wild Hare Student believes in aliens. 

Not only that, WHS insists that the pyramids were built by aliens, and that can be proved by the library of information hidden in tunnels under the pyramids. And we know about these tunnels because of the information we about… yes. Yes, folks. Atlantis. 

This has got to be a joke. WHS is joking, right? Tell me WHS is joking. 

No. If you know WHS, if you have been reading their posts, and getting their emails (if they would use the effort they put forth in fighting with me through email into actually doing their work, they might even learn something…), you know this is no joke. WHS believes that the pyramids of Egypt are secret libraries built by the aliens who inhabited Atlantis. 

Now, folks, just let me say there are no secret tunnels under the pyramids. The few tunnels that exist are not secret, and they were made by tomb robbers. Unsuccessful tomb robber, I might add- not only was the stuff long gone by the time they got there, the stuff was never underneath to begin with. There are no secret libraries under either the pyramids or the Sphinx. 

I won’t even start in on Atlantis. You can have fun with the latest on that in the comments if you wish. 

What do you do with a student you know is crazier than a loon? How do you teach a person who is nuttier than a fruitcake? How do you handle a person you know is playing hockey with a warped puck? 

I go ahead and post, lest the insanity leak out into the rest of the class body and taint an entire generation of promising young nurses, computer scientists, and (allow me a moment to dream) art historians. I try to be polite, professional, but very clear. No tunnels. No libraries. No aliens. 

Need I wonder who wrote on my evals, “Needs to be open minded about other ideas, tends to be highly critical and rude to students”?


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  1. Bob Smith said,

    A professor that’s critical??!?!?!?! No one told me professors would critique me. If I had known that I would have just stayed in kindergarten!!!!

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