July 29, 2008

The Magic Reappearing Student (Corollary to Clue #9)

Posted in clues to the clueless, Semester endcap, student stories tagged , , , at 11:30 pm by profart

The semester is done. Now begins that fragile few weeks after the grades are turned in, when people discover their grade, and are unhappy. The I Wanted An A student. The I Get A’s In All My Other Classes student. The I Needed a C To Graduate student, and their cousin, I Needed A C To Transfer. Then there is the most amazing of them: The Magic Reappearing student. 

Magic Reappearing Student is one of those students who simply disappeared during the last 3 weeks of a semester, and trying to contact them was completely fruitless. They didn’t turn in the last three weeks’ of work, including the final exam. Magic Reappearing Student has gotten their grade report, and of course that big, fat F is sitting there on their transcript. Funny that. 

Three weeks after the close of the semester, Magic Reappearing Student emails me. Do they have a medical explanation for their disappearance? Are they begging to please make up the work they missed due to some family emergency? 

No. They want to know why I failed them. After all, they were passing the class before they disappeared. Can’t I just grade them based on the work they did? 




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