August 19, 2008

What are they THINKING???

Posted in student stories tagged , , at 3:39 pm by profart

Every once in a while, I get a student who signs up for a class, then doesn’t complete the class, or fails the class, and then proceeds to sign up for the class again… and again… and again… 

This is particularly annoying if it is one of my intro classes, which tend to have long waiting lists. They take up a highly valued slot in a course, often until well after the add date, meaning someone who really wanted to take the class didn’t get to. 

My latest victim has now signed up for my class five times. Drop. Withdraw. Disappeared. Complained about technical problem and disappeared. I looked at my class list- and there they are. Again

The dean says there is nothing I can do. I can’t stop this person from signing up. I can only politely note to them in a private email that I am still the professor of the course, I noticed that this is the fifth attempt, and perhaps they ought to try some other class? 

And I just don’t feel like opening that can of worms.


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