October 12, 2008

Clues For The Clueless #11

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Hint: Read the syllabus. I didn’t create it for my health. I created it for yours. 

Stupid Questions I Get All the Time:


  1. How long does the exam essay need to be?
    1. This may seem like a perfectly reasonable question, except that the only answer is “long enough to answer the question and demonstrate your understanding of art history.” Some people take longer than others to do this. If you are wondering if you’ve written enough, and you have more to share on the topic, you haven’t written enough.


  1. How many questions are on the multiple-choice part of our exam?
    1. Again, seems reasonable, right? Except that I include this information in a presentation and two separate documents all my students are required to be familiar with. Asking this only proves the student isn’t paying attention- or has really poor reading comprehension skills.


  1. What should we focus on- concepts, artists, art in general?
    1. All of it. This is an art history course. You are supposed to be learning at history- all parts. Asking a professor basically, “what of what you are teaching me can I ignore?” is insulting and rude.




  1. Is the multiple-choice section of our test open-book?
    1. This is another “you didn’t read the syllabus” type of question. I state this at every opportunity, and yet it still gets asked- over and over and over again- to the point I often go back and check to make sure it’s still in the syllabus. It is. 


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