November 2, 2008

Clues for the Clueless #13

Posted in clues to the clueless tagged , , , , , at 6:57 pm by profart

Hint: If you are going to plagiarize your essay, don’t take out key words that make the sentences… sentences. For example, don’t remove the verb or an important clause. Also, do not loan your essay to someone else to copy. It may be a fluke to find one essay with a missing important clause, but two? The exact same odd mistake? What are the chances I won’t say in my head, “haven’t I read this before?”

And then I open the textbook to check the odd, out-of-context fact you pulled at random- as did your friend, since they copied you- and find the exact phrases… what do you think I will do? 

I will put a big, fat “ZERO” in my gradebook for both of you. You’re welcome.


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