December 20, 2008

The did it AGAIN

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Holy crap. They did it again. They signed up for both my intros, and disappeared the last three weeks of class. For the fifth time. 

What kind of FAIL is this? Torture the Professor FAIL?


December 7, 2008

Fail Season begins

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Welcome to the FAIL season. As the semester draws its final breaths, the students suddenly realize they needed to do their work, and the realities of life hit them. The begging begins. 

Gotta love my first contestant on the FAIL is Right. We had Thanksgiving Break, and nothing was due this past week. On Friday, I got this very odd (but not unusual) email: Could I please reopen the quiz from the week before break? 

No excuses, no elaboration, no discussion. Well, at least their grandmother lived this time, right? 

I replied that the assignment had been due the week before, was there a problem? 

And then comes the explanation… remember this is five days after the assignment was due… oh, they lost track of time and forgot to do it. 

This is supposed to be a family or medical emergency? 

So I said no. 

So I got another email today, how they had done the assignment on paper, but didn’t get a chance to enter it. (Remember, I got the initial email FIVE DAYS after the assignment was due). 

I am not sure how this is supposed to make it fair for all the folks who managed to get their work in on time, including those who only have online classes and therefore were taking extra-long vacations. And if you just missed the midnight deadline, wouldn’t you email your professor right away

Yes, the FAIL season is here. Season’s greetings.