January 25, 2009

Clues for the Clueless #14

Posted in clues to the clueless, student mistakes, student stories tagged , , , , , at 2:23 am by profart

Hint: Two weeks into the semester, you should have already purchased your textbook. If you are having trouble affording the book, you need to go to the library and either find or request a copy. 

When I was in college, it was a known thing that you went to the bookstore and squared away your books before the semester started. If you were adding a class late, the first thing you did was march over to the bookstore to get the books. It was your responsibility to have your books, period. My friends who had troubles would march over to the library, and either check out what copies were available, or put in for inter-library loan. Again, we knew it was our responsibility to have our books. Period. 

After all, that is what libraries are for- loaning and reading books. If you can’t get a copy of your textbook, head over to the library and get your reading done. Why is this so difficult? I’m not even sure how to answer these emails anymore, that give excuses… two weeks into the semester… about how people don’t have their books yet!

ADDENDUM: Threatening to go to the dean when I suggest that you should have already gone to the library because you “didn’t think of that” is only going to make your professor grumpy. Oh, and the professor may even forward your email to the dean for their advice on what to do with you, and trust me, these emails also make deans grumpy. I don’t care how long you have been in or out of school, if you are taking a course, you need to do the work, and that means having the textbook when the class starts.


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