February 28, 2009

Are there any stupid questions?

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Or, Five posts your professor really does not want to read the week before the exam.

1. “Do we really have to learn all of this stuff?” (Or its less common polite version, “Can you tell us what we should focus on?”)

2. “When is the exam?”

3. “Wow, has anybody done all this reading?”

4. “Do we have to know things like names and dates?” (Remember, I’m teaching art history…)

5. Any question that could be easily and immediately answered by reading the syllabus… which my students take a quiz on the first week of the course, and retake said quiz until they get a 100%. It includes the date the exams are due.


Clues to the Clueless #15

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Hint: I can read the online class discussion boards. All of the posts. All of the the time. 

I’ll let y’all’s imaginations run wild with that one.