May 4, 2009

Clues to the Clueless #18

Posted in clues to the clueless tagged , , , , , , at 9:52 pm by profart

Hint: Just because you didn’t get your way doesn’t make a professor “rude”, “arrogant” or “unresponsive to student concerns.” You were the one who:

Didn’t bother to buy your textbook, or locate it in a library, for three weeks, and then wanted to have me extend the deadlines for the first three weeks’ work.
Didn’t bother to fix your software problem. Sorry, I cannot reopen the entire semester’s worth of work for you!
Didn’t bother to contact me when you missed an assignment- eight weeks ago. No, I can’t reopen that for you now.
Didn’t bother to check to make sure your assignments were properly submitted before the deadline, despite clear instructions in the orientation material and syllabus to do so. No, I cannot reopen the entire semester’s worth of work for you.
Didn’t bother to do any actual research for your research project. Plugging your topic into Goggle and pulling up a page on Wikipedia does not constitute college-level research, even in an introductory-level class. (I find it shocking this would even be acceptable in high school!)
Didn’t bother to proofread your essay before turning it in.

And yes, I find it personally insulting that you would make negative comments on my evals and on eval websites because you couldn’t be bothered to be responsible and do your work. I’m very flexible with students who have medical and family issues, and present them in a timely manner. I am not very flexible to be asked at the end of the semester to let you make-up work from before the midterm, with no valid excuse. Sorry “I forgot” is not valid.


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