May 11, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now

Posted in Semester endcap, student stories, teaching revelations tagged , , , , , , at 3:00 am by profart

I don’t know why I did it. Honestly, what kind of self-loathing I must have, what insanity creeps into my brain.

I just sent out an email to students who had not yet turned in all their work, reminding them that tonight is the deadline for turning in work. Of course, they have known this from Day One. However, the “exam week” for the college doesn’t actually end until tomorrow. Of course, the grades are due at noon the very next day, and I need some time to actually grade the work, so I set my deadline for today. Besides, the online course weeks have all ended on Sunday, all semester, so it made perfect sense.

I have three students who haven’t taken the proctored section of the exam yet. They will be screaming in the morning, claiming that they had to work or whatever, and why can’t they take the exam today? Answer: Because it was due yesterday.

I’m just begging for a storm of email to the effect of, “I just got your email! So can’t you take this now?” Answer: No. That email was a reminder of what you already knew. I sent it out of the goodness of my heart for your convenience and in your interest. I did not lie. The deadline was yesterday.

Why do I open myself up to this crap? Just shoot me now.


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