July 13, 2009

Clues to the Clueless #20

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Hint: Trying to write an essay or exam while drunk or high is a Bad Idea.


And if you weren’t drunk or high, and your professor reads your test or essay and starts to think “WTF? Is this student drunk or high?” at any point, that is also Bad.

For my exams, they have a choice of three questions, and they have to use at least three specific examples of objects, covering at least three different periods of art. This test covered Prehistory through Ancient Rome.

The question:

History and historical events often impact art in very direct ways. Discuss moments in history which directly impacted art, how that impact was communicated through art, and how art, in turn, may have impacted history and culture. Remember that art includes 2-dimensional art (ie painting), sculpture, and architecture, you do not need to focus on just one of these.

No, its not the best question I ever wrote. Just sue me now.

But seriously, this is not an answer:

what moments in history have directly impacted art?

To this day we take the ruins and artifacts we find underground beneath our modern day, busy street, capitalist society; and we find the cherished possessions and remnants of the most sophisticated form of human expression. Art.
Artifacts, left behind from when artisans and craftsmen roamed the Earth tell us a story of evolving significance and change through the passage of time. And the history of human art can be very interesting due to the fact how significantly big human brains that require massive stimulation.

As soon as humans in prehistoric ages figured out how to draw and speak, its been a non stop journey of Art and its history in the making.

Verbal and visual forms of communication are what humans use to gain control and become society. The intelligence our brain computes in people gives them the capabily to understand the value of asking questions and exploring all the possible answers.

Different cultures will have various societies of people all which impact history differently and what has made our people who are living right now all the intelligent folks they are…living in a high tech virtual world. 2009

Studying the history of The Arts, allows to see a mental picture in our minds all the ideas people we wondering or discovering before the answer was ever discovered. One thing that Humans do and will continue to do…is ask the qustion:

What is the meaning of life?

Humans speculating the meaning of life is so deep on another level, its different for everyone, one may not even know that their sculpture of abstract thoughts molded out of clay from the earth, would one day tell the children of the future…the hobbies, ideas, doodles, writings and songs would be an Art!

Through Arts we become alive. They are a vital function that all humans particiapate in creating, whether they are aware of it or not.

Life can be looked at in great depth, by studying History.

People at different times and different places held different values.

During the 15rh century ancient Greeks enjoyed skillful artist. They admired illusionist, and using realism in their works. Admiring the artist’s who could
capture an objects exact look and paint onto a canvas exactly what they are looking at.

The Greek story of Zeuxis and Parrhisuis and their bet on who was the best painter came to the conclusion that Zeuxis grapes he painted were nicely done…but the curtain that hung by the grapes…Was voted the winner due to the fact of how ‘real’ the curtain was appeared.

That story was then later Painted in the 17th century by Adriaen Van Der Spelt & Frans Van Mieris, painters who wanted to portray their interpretation of the Greeks Story on how realism was admired by the Greek Peoples.

The catacombs underneathe Europe holds many stories of ancient people who traveled underground, using anything that could be a sculpting or writing tool, to draw pictures of what they saw everyday, kept track of daily routines, formed the first signs of any language to explain how they felt…and what they thought life would onto them.

Any medium of art can be observed from anyone’s eye. It is the eye of the beholder who interprets the story. People have different ideas and expressions. In order to understand human nature as a whole…you have to look at all art and understand the whole meaning to what the artist is trying to tell you.

We will express our mental thoughts and ideas as long as we can pick up any utensil capable of making a mark….and use it to scribble random feelings across the canvas of our world.

Seriously, people. Leave off the intoxicating substances before writing. Don’t just pick up any utensil capable of making a mark, and scribble random mental thoughts to your professor.


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  1. onlyme said,

    wow. just wow.

    I think I need a little time (and some coffee?) to come down after reading that one.

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