November 21, 2009

Clues for the Clueless #24

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Hint: There is a difference between “asking for help” and “harassing the shit out of your professor.”

When you have a writing assignment, turning in a rough draft is a good idea. Make sure you have completely finished the project, completely notated the project, etc. Your professor will give you comments and hand it back to you. You then go an consider these recommendations, and put your best foot forward to complete the assignment. If you happen to have another draft completed in time to turn a second draft in by the draft deadline, it is usually OK to resubmit, but some professors only look at one rough draft- after all, the point is not to spoon-feed you through the assignment, but to provide you with helpful feedback before you turn in your final draft. More useful to you would probably be a trip to the writing center.

If you start turning in 3 and 4 drafts, you are harassing your professor. This isn’t high school, it’s college. I am not here to spoon feed, I am here to guide. Sending me repeated emails and drafts to the effect of “am I done yet? Is this an A yet?” is simply annoying. Do your work. Make sure your writing is smooth, your thesis clear, logical, and cohesive, and your notations appropriate. If you believe you fit this criteria, you are done. Then you hand that in as a draft, and I provide guidance, and you work on it until, following that guidance, you meet that criteria. If you do not meet that criteria, you have work to do. You do not need to submit it to me with the message, “have I done enough work yet?”

Because my answer will be “no.”


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  1. crankylitprof said,

    This makes me want to add another chapter in to my s(already lengthy) syllabus.

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