December 7, 2009

Questions that make my skin crawl

Posted in Semester endcap, student stories tagged , at 9:47 pm by profart

Here we are at the end of the semester at last. This has been a long one, as I took on some extra classes, particularly and upper-level for a sick comrade-in-arms. Yet I dutifully put in the time for each class, and made sure my students didn’t have to over-share my time between them (though there are still only 24 hours in a day). I forewent sleep in order to grade assignments. I skipped leisure time to offer extra office hours. I put up my usually array of study aids and crutches, even though some of them had to be done from scratch. I accepted rough drafts up to the usual deadline.

Yet I am repaid with the usual array of questions that really get my blood freezing and my skin crawling:

We have to bring the essay to the exam? Can I email it instead? (answer: NO.)
Review? Where is that online? (Under the module marked “Final Exam Review.”) Where are the modules? (in BlackBoard, in the menu, where they have been ALL SEMESTER.)
What’s BlackBoard?
My paper had a “works cited”. Doesn’t that count as citations? (NO. You cannot have “works cited” unless you actually cite the works! And I told you it didn’t, and gave you a second chance to turn in the paper- and you still have no citations!)
When is the exam? (Help! I am turning blue!)
I have three exams that day. Can you move yours? (NO. the exam schedule is posted at teh beginning of registration. Plan accordingly.)
Can I turn in the assignments I missed? (Those were due WEEKS ago. NO.)
Are you offering extra credit? (So you can give me more crappy “work”? NO NO NO!!!)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Yes, the end of the semester is upon us. Armageddon is here. Tell Armageddon home.* Please.

*If you don’t do MUDs, it’s OK, I know you don’t get it.



  1. Anastasia said,

    OMG yes…cite your sources does not mean attach a page with the url for wikipedia and call it “works cited.” GAH!

  2. LOL! It sometime does not end at the end of the semester. There was a student that pestered my TA until Early March of this year to grade some (3 month) late labs. The reason? He needed to get a higher grade because it would look better on his transcript for medical school.

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