March 19, 2010

Discussion Posting WIN.

Posted in student stories, teaching revelations at 12:19 am by profart

This is from one of my students, discussing the role of monasteries in the Byzantine era:

Life and religion had to have been confusing back in the Byzantine day. I don’t imagine it could have been easy. They didn’t have google.

Ignore the English for a sec, this student is ESL. Check out the thought. Check out the connections. And check out the chuckling sense of humor. There’s real potential here.

Another student goes on from this to connect the fact that without google, you go to a library to get information, and the Byzantine libraries are in monasteries. Major WIN.

I am so proud of my students. Had to share.


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  1. Stimey said,

    Yay! So nice to see happiness here!

    I went to college before Google. I don’t know how I did it. Well, I do. I knew every single library on campus and how to get there and use them. Google seems easier.

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