April 23, 2010

A Solid College Try.

Posted in miscellaneous other matters at 12:06 pm by profart

Well, folks, this is it- today I have an interview that may (or may not) lead me from the adjunct world into the world of real employment of an academic nature. How exciting is this? (You are missing me bouncing about going *woo-hoo!* like Daffy Duck). See, to be at the interview stage is a huge huge deal. This is the first full-time position to open up in my field in this area in a long long while, and this is a big area. They had to be swamped with applications… and Im in the top five. Not bad for someone who’s been adjuncting as long as I have, without publishing (except a few small reviews and a few conference papers here and there). The question they have asked us to speak about today in our teaching sample is pretty specific and unusual, so I suspect they already have someone in mind- perhaps a long time adjunct of their own- but I’m still pretty happy. Perhaps I will head over there and really blow them away. Wouldn’t that rock?

I haven’t been actually idle in these last years, either. I have become an expert in specific disabilities and disability law, therapy, school policy, and education in order to advocate for my kid, and that’s been nearly a full-time job in and of itself. What do I have to show for it? A child who talks. That’s no small potatoes.

So here I go. May the guidance of Leonardo get me up there, and Ganesha open all the doors.


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  1. Stimey said,

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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