August 28, 2010

Clues for the Clueless #29

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Hint: If you cannot get your hands on your textbook, don’t email your professor. Go to the library. That is where they keep free useable copies of books, specifically for you to use while awaiting your textbook.

I cannot magically create a textbook to hand to you. I don’t sell them. The bookstore sells them. If they don’t have it, try If they don’t have it, go to the frickin’ library!!!


August 23, 2010

Here It Comes!

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Fall is here. Our department chair decided last week she was not coming back, so we’ve had a sudden- but surprisingly pleasant- change of leadership. No, it isn’t me, but another long-time adjunct who knows the score. No word from the interview, and here it is the semester, so I guess I didn’t get that one. I may apply for this one, even though it is always written for an artist. Just to make a point.

Classes start today. I’m going down my checklist of things to take. I remember when I would take this huge bag- two slide trays, two folders full of syllabi, notes… now I carry this two-inch-long object in my pocket. Weird. How will anyone know I’m a professor without my massive bag and harried look?