January 6, 2011

Clues for the Clueless, #31

Posted in clues to the clueless, student stories at 3:46 am by profart

Hint: If you didn’t turn in a paper, you get a zero. Claiming after the class is over that you turned in a paper is not really much help, especially if you then follow up with a claim that your computer crashed and you have lost all your work. I have no trace of you turning in the assignment, nor of my sending you acknowledgement of receiving the assignment. In fact, I have no email from you at all, except these whines about how you have to pass this class because {insert reason here}. You might have noticed that such emails are considered academic dishonesty in my syllabus. If you read it.

I still have no paper to grade. I have nothing to work with. There is no paper.

That’s a zero. For a quarter of your final grade. And you didn’t do so hot on your exams, either. Which makes an F. Oh, and I noticed you were late to class over 1/2 the time. That didn’t help you much, either.

So get a clue. Turn in your work. And come to class on time. And if you forget to turn in work? Take your F like an adult, and get out of my face.


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