January 26, 2011

Theme Problems

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:08 am by profart

Every semester seems to take on a set of problems of its own, ones that are rare every other year, but THAT semester, you have a bumper crop. This semester is the Semester of Student Who Can’t Figure Out How to Attend a Class.

Every once in a while, I will get a random first-year student who has no clue about college. They send me odd emails or leave me weird phone messages such as, “When does class meet?” or “How do I buy a book?” This is usually a problem in the fall, not the spring, and I usually just have one of these. This semester? I have four. Three weeks into the class, and I have an online student who emailed me to inform me they just now got the syllabus to open and will be catching up (that same syllabus says “I do not accept late work.”) I have had two from the live classes asking where and when we meet- both having missed 4 classes already. I have one that started with “where do we meet?” and then went on to “how do I find a cheaper textbook?”

Folks, when you sign up for a class, get a class schedule, and see when and where you meet. If you don’t know where a room is, ask someone on campus- the first day of class, not two weeks after classes start. If you don’t like the price of the book, either hit Amazon, or go to the library. These are not things to be emailing your professor about. It sends up all sorts of red flags. Shiny, red, annoying flags.


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