May 31, 2011

The Syllabus Is a BIG CLUE.

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:00 am by profart

If your professor puts something in the syllabus, they are serious. Don’t email the professor saying something like, “I know this is in the syllabus, but…” because it is a HUGE red flag that says you are a problem student with a serious reading comprehension issue.

If you professor tells you that you must have the textbook by the start of class, don’t email the professor complaining you don’t have a textbook. Go to the library or order it from Amazon.

If the professor has written in the syllabus that work is due on Monday, do not email them asking if it is OK to turn stuff in on Tuesday. If you have a problem with Mondays, try scheduling your time to turn it in on Sunday. Or Saturday. Or whatever earlier day is good for you.

If your professor states in the syllabus that the exam is only available between this date and that date, don’t email the professor saying you are going on vacation that week and can you take it the next week?

Seriously. It is in the syllabus. If you are taking the class, you agree to follow what the syllabus says, just as the professor does. Unless you have a serious emergency, there’s your answer.


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