July 17, 2011

You’re kidding, right?

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From a student:

Dear Profart:
Why was my grade on last week’s quiz so low?

Thanks, Student

Dear Student:
Your grade was low because you answered the questions with incorrect information. Please see the feedback section when you turn in a quiz for pointers to the correct answers, as well as the correct answers listed (still available via the online gradebook, for your convenience).


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  1. Terry said,

    One that I got: “Why did I fail?” and in a later follow up email, “You could change it if you wanted too.”

    Uh, NO, because that wouldn’t be FAIR to the students who came to class, did the work, and PASSED.

    “Dear Student, You did not pass because you did not come to class, you got D’s on your exams, you did not complete all your assignments, and…”

    OMG. By the way, I had to deal with this person for two weeks after the semester ended. He hounded me with emails in which he told me I ruined his life. Then he went to the Dean. Mind you, as an adjunct, all this extra work was unpaid and during my winter break, when I am not in contract. I spent hours on emails and compiling information the Dean requested so that in the end she could tell him the same thing I had already told him.

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