Being an Adjunct

I’m not a real prof… I’m an adjunct: Academic Pond Scum. I teach for hire. I love to teach. The upside is I don’t have all those pesky meetings and advising to do. The bad part is I have to teach a lot more to make the same money, no benefits, and no respect. On top of that, I do online classes. So I’m lower than pond scum. No one in the department ever sees me. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Actually, I’m in reality a llama herder. I just pretend to be an adjunct professor somewhere.



  1. tayfan2 said,

    You are killing me. As The Semester Turns was beyond funny. You’re in the wrong profession. You should be a comedy writer. I had to read all of your posts to “get” the “blue whale” reference. What a hoot. This is a good way to vent. : D

    Dx mom.

  2. Hey, we’re everywhere… like termites? Reverse termites that keep the building from falling down. I’m collecting adjunct blogs for a series about them and a blogroll at the New Faculty Majority blog

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