March 10, 2012

Getting my Snark On.

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I think I may buy a really wonderful hat, walk into class, and announce that it is my “Snark Hat.” When I put on my “Snark Hat”, I am no longer Prof Art, I am Womba from Ivanhoe, here to make merry at the expense of my wise students. After all, I gave my students a TAKE HOME, OPEN-BOOK midterm with an in-class review, and they had a WHOLE WEEK to take it.

Some advice:

1. When you have an open-book exam, try opening your book.
2. It is NEVER OK to cut and paste from Wikipedia. Ever. This includes your exam.
3. If you are going to cheat and copy each other’s short answers and essays, at least give me the courtesy of writing GOOD answers or essays.
4. Thou Shalt Proofread, or Thou Shalt Become Blog Fodder.
5. Even my fourth grader knows an “essay” is more than three sentences- in fact, he knows it is more than one paragraph. He also knows what a paragraph is.

Seriously. How do you flunk a take-home, open-book, week-long exam?